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We specialize in freshwater tropical fish!

Fancy Guppy

Fancy Guppy

We carry many Pure Strain Guppy that are excellent for breeding.

$3 – $5 per pair

Bottom Feeders

Gold Dojo Loach

$10 each

Asian Spotted Plecostomus

 $8 – $20 each

High Fin Chinese Loach

$25 each


Gourami Fire Males XL

2 for $10

Fancy Goldfish




Fantail Koi



Customer Reviews

It a must go cool fish and great people.. Tropical fish!!


Google Review

This place is awesome! So many varieties of fancy goldfish in a range of color patterns! The owner is really nice and we’ll let you search for the one you want. He has them outside in large tub ponds. It was so much fun to walk up to a tub and see which beauties would pop up to say hi. Please give them a visit. Please support them!


Google Review

Richard was a pleasure to talk to and the prices were great! Got some Electric Blue Rams, Powder Blue Dwarf Gouramis, and a Dragon Scale Super Delta Tail Betta! Blown away by the Electric Blue Jack Dempseys!


Facebook Review

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Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens

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